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Title: Is anyone surprised about the steel mill status?
Post by: forklift driver on October 19, 2020, 02:48:49 PM
A few weeks ago the city and union leaders were notified the steel mill would not reopen in October as promised. That has proven to be the truth. Now there has been no mention of this in the local press and the city council has not brought up the topic at their meetings. But the union that is a whole different thing. The union leader is telling his members the mill will reopen soon. We have heard that lie before haven't we. The time has come to move on and clean up the mill site. Where is the leader to make it happen? Come on Brendon! Lead!
Title: Re: Is anyone surprised about the steel mill status?
Post by: Georgetown Times lies on October 19, 2020, 05:56:25 PM
The Georgtown waste of my Times has killed the story at the request of a certain now removed politician. This now removed politician is representing some powerful people in a lawsuit about to be filed about the mill. HMMMMMM? Don't want to hurt that lawsuit now do we?
Title: Re: Is anyone surprised about the steel mill status?
Post by: Tom Rubillo on October 23, 2020, 11:59:21 AM
What "powerful people"?  Which "removed politician"?  What sort of lawsuit?  Who is the plaintiff's lawyer?  Does that lawyer know the difference between shit and Shine-O-La?  (Shine-O-La comes in a can.) How does the "removed politician" or his "powerful" friends have standing to sue? 

Facts:  The mill is closed.  Half of what was there before has been torn down.  The other half is old, rusting, inefficient and has not operated in a sufficiently efficient way to result in the production of a profit for investors in years.  That's why it closed in the first place, the second time, and the third.  (Am I missing one or more closures?)  Beyond that, the entire site (which, as everyone knows, sits smack in the center of town) is seriously contaminated and, because it is so toxic, poses a serious and continuous health risk to the entire community.  It really, really needs to be cleaned up folks.  The city needs to get to work on that.
Compounding the problems for the mill's investors here, the experienced  workforce that previously operated the mill has now been scattered to the four winds.  The most skilled among them would have found another job by now and have no reason to give up what they've struggled to get to come back to work at this broken down mill.   They don't work for love of Liberty's investors or the steelworkers union.  They work for the money they need to support themselves and their families.  Like every other working person, each one of them needs to be able to rely on their employer to remain in continuous operation and keep producing regular paychecks.  To do that the employer has to be able to at least break even.  This is the basic trade-off of the most fundamental economics:  For workers to receive a fair day's pay for the fair day's work they have to have the tools needed to profitably produce a product.  In this instance that product is steel.    It is now beyond any reasonable doubt that this antiquated facility -- this "tool"-- is broken, worn out and useless.  No matter who owns the tool or who uses it, it cannot efficiently produce steel.  So, given these facts, why would the people who know how to operate this old mill return to the mill and risk another major economic disruption in their lives?   That makes no damned sense at all.

Face the facts:   The game is over.  Liberty's investors gambled on a pig in a poke and lost. No amount of paint or lipstick on this pig will change that.  Liberty's investors gambled that Donald Trump's promise to revive the domestic steel industry was something other than wishful thinking (at best) or, more likely, just some more political bullshit.  The investors were wrong.  Now, without a major investment in new equipment and, just as importantly, investing in the time and effort to train a new and efficient workforce to profitably use that new equipment, there is absolutely no chance that this dead, serious contaminated mill site will come back to life..  Truth is, only an absolute fool flush any more money down the toilet and into this financial septic tank.  Truth is, given federal and state environmental laws and the high cost of cleaning up the site, those investors have a lot more to worry about.   

So, let's all get real.  Don't waste this valuable website with idle speculation, rumor, innuendo, name calling, or the like.  If you know something please have the balls to speak up and let everyone else know what you know and the source of the information.  If you have an opinion, state it clearly and the basis for that opinion.  But please, no more childishness, name calling or paranoid theories about "powerful people" in Georgetown.  There are no "powerful people" in Georgetown.    This is a small community where everyone knows everyone else.  While there may be a few with overblown opinions of themselves, there are no "big bosses" who "run the show" from behind a curtain.   This ain't the Emerald City.  There is no Wizard.  Georgetown is, by in large, a community of good, hard working and decent people who are doing their best to support themselves and their families.  We all owe it to our neighbors and to ourselves to speak clearly, openly and honestly.  Candor, not conspiracy theories, please.    So  back to the beginning:  Which "powerful people."  Which "removed politician."  What is the lawsuit about.  How do the "powerful" or the "ousted" have standing to sue?  Who is the lawyer and does he know that Shine-O-La comes in a can?. 
Title: Re: Is anyone surprised about the steel mill status?
Post by: Tom Rubillo on October 24, 2020, 12:01:19 PM
Just to clarify the previous posting a little bit:  The biggest problem the Georgetown community faces at this point isn't the smoked filled back room ruled by one or more big bosses.  The problem is that there is a total lack of vision or leadership.  There is no vision of the future--no coherent plan outlining what social or economic goals are to be achieved and how to them.  Compounding the problem, no serious plans, suggestions or ideas are being put on the table by elected officials and then widely publicized so that voters can judge (1) whether the ideas are any good and, more importantly (2) how effective elected officials prove to be in implementing their "vision" and the plans or ideas they have for making their vision a reality,  All they do is sit around feeling self important because they won an election and vote on whatever items are placed by staff members on an agenda at meetings.   Most of those agenda items have to do with maintenance of the existing infrastructure or of the status quo.  Some elected officials don't ever (or nearly ever) speak out or express an opinion or idea about much of anything even though they've held elective office for years.  Some, including the most senior among them, never even bother to read the materials sent to them by staff before the meeting.  Instead, they simply react to what they hear and then vote.  Instead, all some (or most) bring to the table are personal grudges, prejudices, preconceived ideological notions, resentments and similar emotions that really have no legitimate place at the governing table.  So, my friend, neighbor and fellow poster "the Georgetown Times lies," there is no Grand Poobah or "powerful" people running the show.  It is all being attended to by a group of timid, inept but self-important local elected officials who never innovate, create, advocate or in any way lead this community in any effective way.  That, in my view, is tragic.

PS:  The Georgetown Times doesn't lie, exactly.  It remains mute.  It isn't sufficiently competent to actually dig up and report news.  It prints what it given to it by others.  It doesn't even have an editorial page!  It has no opinions of its own.  That's why it failed.  It's not a liar.  The cat's got its tongue.
Title: Re: Is anyone surprised about the steel mill status?
Post by: Georgetown Times lies on October 27, 2020, 02:09:57 PM
My source tells me the lawyer is none other than Jack Scovile. You remember the guy that took your portrait down from city hall don't you? Seems that Lawyer Scovile is about to sue the steel mill for polluting front street. This is an attempt to make the city move on cleaning up the now abandoned steel mill once and for all.
Title: Re: Is anyone surprised about the steel mill status?
Post by: forklift driver on October 28, 2020, 10:17:50 AM
That's not pollution the hysterical district residents are seeing and smelling. That's money. Or at least it was money when the mill was operating. Not so much now that the only people making money at the mill is the union wannabe thug and his son.
Title: Re: Is anyone surprised about the steel mill status?
Post by: Tom Rubillo on October 28, 2020, 12:40:32 PM
If Jack Scoville intended to bring suit, that's okay with me.  While his "standing" to do so is a little of a stretch, I think that he can probably prevail on that issue, particularly on a common law cause of action to abate a (or, at this point, to enjoin) the maintenance of a nuisance.  Those cases involve asking a jury to do a cost-benefit analysis, comparing the economic value of the activity to the health and quality of life hazards of the mill's "externalization" of the cost of operating cleanly.  In the past, when it had a big payroll, the mill could win that one easily.  Today, however, the balance tips radically against "externalizing" (dumping the cost on the public).

While I'll cheer Jack on if he brings suit (and am even willing to help with it), I'm still of the belief that the most practical, efficient and, in the long run, cost effective way to deal with all of this is for the local government to petition the EPA for Superfund assistance. It costs nothing but time and effort to fill out the application.  EPA picks up the tab for everything from testing to planning to clean-up and then goes after the polluter for reimbursement.  Superfund still have money.  It is one of the activities that has not been defunded by the Trump administration, largely because it helps turn "brownfields" into property that can be redeveloped.  It's a real estate thing.

As far as the picture is concerned, I never wanted it up there in the first place.  Others had urged that it be put there and did so against my wishes.  That aside, the building has since been torn down because the drainage project Jack and others in the portrait gallery had advocated, so there are not portraits -- not Jack's, not anybody's.  Karma.  It's a bitch.
Title: Re: Is anyone surprised about the steel mill status?
Post by: forklift driver on November 16, 2020, 01:04:53 PM
I heard the suit got filed in Charleston last week? Anybody have more information?