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2010 Millage Rate increase
« on: October 09, 2013, 12:56:11 PM »

Scoville predicts doom and gloom over not raising the millage rate. Bradley tells him to direct staff to quit talking of layoffs etc as this is upsetting. Scoville says he is trying to be frank about it and it is a possibility. The increase was not voted in.

See page three--after Jack says layoffs could be a possibility if the millage rate is not increased he then says in 9 days there has to be some control over yard sales and car wash groups and maybe someone needs to work Saturdays checking permits. When 9 days earlier we may have to lay off essential employees but I guess someone to squelch those rogue yard sales miscreants would be a good thing..   
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Re: 2010 Millage Rate increase
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