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Sunset Lodge/County Zoning
« on: August 04, 2006, 08:43:54 AM »
This is too funny.  Georgetown residents can't stand the truth.  And the Times gets some fruit stand vendors in trouble.  From today's Times by Jesse.

"A letter came after I ran a part of the ongoing series of issues facing Georgetown County — this one on the decline in the number of African-American residents living on the Waccamaw Neck. This particular story carried a photo of two men selling produce at the corner of Waverly and Petigru roads in Pawleys Island and brought this response:
“This afternoon, I stopped at the small, innocuous fruit stand at the corner of Petigru and Waverly in Pawleys to pick up some items. While there, I teasingly mentioned their new fame at being named in a newspaper, yours.
“The good natured proprietor laughed and said, ‘But they got me into trouble.’ It seems before the ink in the paper was dry, a snoop from the zoning board was waiting for them as they went to set up for the next day’s business. He gave them some rules and regulations that were important to the zoning people, which they needed to correct, and like, move.
“I don’t know this from fact, but I don’t think he said anything about the bad roads, the lack of sidewalks, or the unsafe journeys that mothers with infants in strollers had to endure, but he did his job as he saw it, after you woke him up from his daily snooze.
“Those people have been operating there for over six years. Had the snoop really been doing his job, he could have seen them most every weekend at that same corner, and taken whatever action was necessary then. And, maybe, he could have alerted his superiors to the needs you mentioned ... the sidewalks, the roads, etc.
 ”If you publish this letter, please omit my name. Someone as small as the zoning snoop would surely find something wrong with the way I tend my front yard, or something, given his sense of importance.”

Perhaps few columns have met with as much uproar as did columnist Tom Rubillo’s piece on Sunset Lodge a few weeks ago.
Tom’s point wasn’t to lecture readers on the world’s oldest profession but to point out that by condoning illegal activity in return for favors to people in lofty positions, the High Sheriff of Georgetown County became a very powerful man.
We ran letters to the editor condemning Tom for his observations and I received some telephone calls in addition, saying basically that he ought to be ridden out of town on a rail for besmirching the good name of Georgetown and its residents.
The funny thing is, Sunset Lodge wasn’t a secret. Everyone, it seems, who lived in the state of South Carolina knew of its existence.
South Carolina’s most infamous brothel was located just south of Georgetown on Highway 17. The big house is gone now. It succumbed to fire several years back and today little apartments dot the landscape, but it still proudly carries the name “Sunset Lodge.”
It’s a little like having an ugly sister. You know she’s ugly and everyone else knows she’s ugly, but you don’t take kindly to folks saying what everyone knows.
Oh, by the way, Tom says he has another column on the Sunset, scheduled to run Monday, Aug. 7. If you don’t want to read another word about the house that Tom (not Rubillo) built, skip page 5 of next Monday’s Times."
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