Author Topic: It only took 10 years but finally a connected child can have a government job?  (Read 960 times)

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It only took 10 years but another child of a connected person will now get a full time government job. The question is will the child be a Sawyer or a Ferdon. You see Paige Sawyer and Ricky Ferdon have been trying to get the harbor master job put in place for over 10 years so one of their children could get on the government dole. Now council has decided to keep another child that could not hold a job employed.

Council unanimously passed first reading of an ordinance that would amend codes regarding mooring fields, boats and abandoned vessels. The area of focus is the Sampit River on the Harborwalk side of Goat Island.

One of the main purposes of the ordinance is to create a harbormaster position that would be contracted out to a knowledgeable company.