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Visualize the future -- a suggested short road adventure
« on: May 15, 2020, 01:34:32 PM »
Exercise your imagination.  Take a short drive downtown.  Stop next to the steel mill's chain link fence on Front and Condon next to the phone company office.  Take a look at the now mostly cleaned up part of the mill property between Front St. and the Sampit.  A lot nicer looking than it used to be, isn't it. 

Now driver over the Sylvan Rosen Bridge to Maryville.  See how nice the paper mill keeps that very nice stretch of land between the bridge and the mill.  Nice big old trees.  Well maintained lawn.  The paper mill has kept it that way for at least 44 years (as long as I've been in Georgetown).  In that regard the paper mill has been a really good neighbor to us all.

Now turn around in Maryville and head back across the bridge.  As you do, take a look at the Port Authority's property.  It  (along with the all adjoining seemingly abandoned or nearly vacant and increasingly derelict and shabby industrial properties on that peninsula in the Sampit), is a grotesque eyesore -- a serious blight on the community that gives all potential visitors, investors, developers and others who travel over the bridge an extremely negative impression of our otherwise fine community .  Although quite obviously very valuable waterfront property ripe for development, the Port Authority property and the deteriorating remains of other companies remains an underused, undervalued, probably contaminated liability.

Over a year ago I made a proposal that this entire stretch of property be incorporated into the city limits.  That detailed proposal was posted on this websites.  It is readily available for review by scrolling down the index at the beginning of this section.  It received well over 7,000 "views," so I am sure that lots of readers of this posting will be familiar with it.  There were a number of responses to that proposal.  None were critical of the idea. 

I started this post by asking that readers use their imagination.  Once you've taken the tour I've suggested here, let your mind's eye imagine a future in which the land next to the steel mill that has been partially cleaned up, the peninsula in the Sampit now controlled by the Port's Authority were as well maintained and manicured as the paper mill's property.  No expensive development is necessary, at least as a start.  Simply tear down all the ugly, derelict, abandoned eyesore buildings and clean up the mess, that's all.  That's a start.

I believe the first step along the road to economic recovery for Georgetown is to get rid of all the abandoned, crumbing, otherwise dangerous buildings and cleaning up the overgrown properties all around town.  Principal among them are those associated with the Ports Authority property.  Problem is that before the City of Georgetown (whose geographic bounds surround the Port Authority property like a donut) can do anything at all, it would have to annex the property into the city limits.  That's not a simple chore, but it can be done.  The earlier posting on this site details reasons for doing so that would be beneficial to the entire community, the Ports Authority and the State of South Carolina.  Read it again.  It ain't pie in the sky. 

All the properties mentioned in this posting are included in Senator Scott's economic investment zone that he had included in the tax package adopted by Congress each year.  It provides strong incentives to potential investors to repatriate money they have parked off-shore and invest it in America, no questions asked.  We all know that there are at least a few well-to-do folks living behind the walls of local gated communities that could profit from taking wise advantage of huge tax loopholes like the one Senator Scott has created.  All it takes is a little imagination.  That, and a willingness to invest in the future of our hometown.

Think about it.  Use your imagination.  Visualize a better future.  Do that and ACT.  Contact local elected officials -- Senator Scott, Rep. Rice, State Senator Saab, Rep. (Rev.) Anderson, Mayor Barber, the members of the Georgetown City Council and anyone else in a position of responsibility you can get to listen to you -- and urge them to move forward.  Step one includes annexing the port. 

I ain't gonna proofread this or correct any typos.  I'm 77 years old and don't care about spelling and grammar no more.  I just care about the future/  It's your future, not mine.  And as Yogi Berra might say, the future ain't over yet.