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I feel so much better now
« on: July 25, 2020, 07:30:48 AM »
The local blogger is saying the city will soon be inspecting rental properties. So let me get this straight the city will send one of their clueless inspectors in to tell me their opinion of my private property? And then for a small fee they will look the other way for what they think is wrong with my private property. Or I can pay a fine they dream up. Does anyone feel better knowing the city will be inspecting anything? Why don't they use those inspectors to make the nasty steel mill clean up its area and leave the rest of us alone?

Tom Rubillo

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Re: I feel so much better now
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2020, 02:36:30 PM »
Two things neighborhoods to become slums:  (1) Indifferent property owners who either neglect or abandon their properties and (2) indifferent, incompetent and/or corrupt public officials who do nothing about it.  It is long past the time for vigorous local enforcement of South Carolina's landlord/tenant law and of local ordinances that provide for clean-up of overgrown lots, removal of trash or debris and demolition of abandoned structures.  To be as blunt as possible here, the city has ignored problems with grossly substandard housing, overgrown lots and abandoned buildings to go unattended for much too long.  They can sue me if they want, but I am of the firm view that the indifference of those charged with responsibility to address these problems -- building officials, fire inspectors, the city attorney -- borders on (or, in fact, crosses over the border of) incompetence.   There are, for example, deteriorating structures that have not be occupied for decades all around the city that are fire hazards, potential crime scenes, breeding grounds for snakes, rats and other disease carrying vermin, and "attractive nuisances" in which unwary children might go to play or hide and get seriously injured or killed.  The old "Playboy Gardens" on Merriman Road is one example.  It is dangerous a seriously diminishes the value of area homes, including those constructed by Habitat for Humanity.  Two buildings within eye shot of the demolished city hall -- the old Greene Contractors building and the long unoccupied building next to the steel mill bag house are two other examples.  The abandoned motel on Church Street next to the Baptist Church's cemetery is yet another.  Two or three buildings just south of Front Street on Fraser across from the steel mill are two others.  An overgrown lot with a decaying, collapsed wooden structure hidden behind "volunteer" trees, bushes and weeds that reach the sidewalk on Merriman Road within a block or so south of Winyah St. is another.  So is the old "Freebird Lounge A frame building on Highway 17 in Maryville.  These are just a very few examples.  There are many more.  There is absolutely no excuse for allowing these slum-creating wounds to fester.  They lower property values of neighbors.  They are neglectful.  They are dangerous.   The rental ordinance being considered by the city is one small step for man.  Now, how about a giant leap for mankind.  Remember, the new and impressive three story building being constructed on Church Street is on the site of an old, abandoned crumbling former radio station that got torn down after years of neglect.  The improvement enhances the community for all of us.  How about the motel site across the street being next?  Or that abandoned lot on Merriman Road.  Or the old Playboy Gardens next to all those new and nice Habitat homes.  How about it?  Hey, city planning, building and fire officials, get off your asses and get to work.  You are paid well.  How about a fair day's work for your fair day's pay and benefits.