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Southern Cable is gone!
« on: October 07, 2020, 04:37:44 PM »
The Sun News is reporting Ron Charlton has now sold his cable company. I got my call from HTC and they lowered my price! I am guessing we will get much better service now. How long until Ron moves out of Georgetown? Can he take the steel mill kooks with him?

Why cable services will soon be changing for many Georgetown residents

Horry Telephone Cooperative is finally coming to Georgetown.

HTC has an agreement in place to purchase Southern Coastal Cable, which has long provided cable and other services for Georgetown, according to HTC Senior Marketing Coordinator Sarah Bonnoitt.

“HTC has signed an agreement to purchase the assets of Southern Coastal Cable, and we expect to close on this purchase in the coming days,” a statement from HTC reads. “We have communicated with Southern Coastal Cable customers directly about this, but must hold any public comment until after the closing date.”

HTC has long sought the opportunity to supply services in the City of Georgetown, but has been unable to because Georgetown City Council would not grant it the ability to franchise.

The company has provided all services to other parts of Georgetown County that are not in city limits, and has been providing telephone and data — but not cable — in the city.

in 2012, HTC sued the city, arguing that it wasn’t right that Georgetown permitted franchising to only Time Warner Cable and Southern Coastal Cable. The judge ultimately ruled that Georgetown City Council was within its rights in denying HTC a franchise and dismissed the case.