Author Topic: Our cops are being attacked!  (Read 976 times)

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Our cops are being attacked!
« on: December 29, 2020, 04:59:54 PM »
According to a local blog site Carl Anderson is doing to SC law enforcement what liberals in other parts of the country are doing. Carl wants cops to be scared to do their job because he might put them in jail. So what will you do when that thug is raping your wife? Don't call a cop cause they won't be able to help. I never thought SC would get this liberal.

South Carolina House Representative Carl Anderson of Georgetown is one the co-sponsors of a pre-filed bill that, if passed into law, would penalize a law enforcement officer who uses excessive force while making an arrest.
The bill, filed December 9, is expected to be debated by the House Judiciary Committee sometime after the legislative session begins in January.
The bill would make it a crime for law enforcement officers to use “excessive restraint” during an arrest. The bill uses chokeholds and strangleholds as examples of excessive force.
The bill grants the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division the authority to investigate “all officer-involved uses of force that result, or could have resulted, in severe bodily injury or death.”
If the violation involves a SLED agent, the investigation would be conducted by the Sheriff’s Office in the county in which the incident took place.
The bill states: A person who violates this section is guilty of a felony and, upon conviction must be imprisoned for not less than a mandatory minimum of two years and not more than thirty years.