Author Topic: City Council aspirant shocked to find City is overcharging for utilities  (Read 671 times)

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Jonathan Angner is going down the same road I've trod many times. Maybe he'll be able to resonate with the voters where I failed.

His website is

He's shocked, shocked I tell you, regarding $14 million in utility overcharging since 2011. Yes, it's a slush fund, but apparently nobody cares about the consequences.

This slush fund leads to property tax undercharging for the most expensive properties, and regressive taxation for the poorest citizens with low value homes using inefficient heating and cooling systems.

I've reached out to him to fill in the details that he might be missing. Should be interesting to see if his thought pattern on this evolves, and if he is successful in making this an issue that voters truly and fully understand.

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Re: City Council aspirant shocked to find City is overcharging for utilities
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I'm shocked to hear that there is gambling going on in this establishment. 

Seriously, Marty, you are absolutely right on this point.  Overcharging for utilities and then misusing the so-called "surplus" enterprise funds to balance the general budget -- a practice started on a smaller scale during the Wilson administration but then went nuclear under Scoville -- is (a) very regressive, (b) very likely illegal and (c) results in a big property tax break, particularly to the high priced properties of the hysterical district (as if it isn't enough that their assessed value is underestimated for tax purposes already).  Doing so also delays -- sometimes for years or even generations -- necessary infrastructure improvements that are supposed to be financed by the "surplus" enterprise funds.   

As far as this new candidate is concerned, I'm glad to see that, at very long last, someone running for council is informing himself about issues and expressing an opinion about them.  That's al refreshing change from the jr. high school popularity contests that typically substitute for serious, adult election campaigns in local elections.