Author Topic: Gender Wars - Concerned Parents of Georgetown mailer for City Council race  (Read 824 times)

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Marty Tennant

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Gender preference wars comes to Georgetown. Who else got the mailer today?

Sounds like the Concerned Parents of Georgetown set up Ron McInnis to take a stand on this controversial issue.

I personally don't agree that transgendered men, now claiming to be women, should be allowed to compete against women born female at birth.

They should have their own competition. Let the transgenders have their own medals and meets.

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This is Georgetown Marty. Anything goes. As long as you pay the right people off.

Tom Rubillo

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Now what, on God's green earth, does this have to do with the business of the City of Georgetown or any issue that will come before the city council?  There are no transgender candidates for local public office.  That a candidate would raise this issue rather than discuss the issues confronting the city reveals more about that candidate's character (and maybe his paranoid fears) than it does about what he would or would not vote for or against if elected to council or what's fair or unfair in the wonderful world of sports.  I, for one, will call this exactly what it is--political bullshit.

Discuss the future of the steel mill.  Discuss the future of the Port of Georgetown.  Discuss what should be done about abandoned and deteriorating structures throughout the city.  Discuss the need for infrastructure improvements, particularly to the aging water and sewer systems.  How about starting a long term program to put electric utilities underground so they aren't destroyed and power disrupted by storms in the future?  And what about pot holes?  And, of course, what about taxes and fees?

For God's sake, focus on the real issues that are within the control of local government.