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Gab about GAB News
« on: October 02, 2022, 06:31:15 PM »
A member of my family told me about a telephone message of condolence she had received regretting what had been reported about me.  What had happened to me was not mentioned by the person leaving the message, but from the caller's mournful tone of voice it sounded as if I had died or suffered some fate worse than death.   The caller's source of information was, he said, GAB News.  When I checked GAB News to see what I had happened to me or what I had died from, the posting had been removed.

The caller who left the message of condolence is an exceptionally credible and reliable person and year's long friend, so I have no doubt about the sincerity of the call or the accuracy of what was said.  Under these circumstances, though, I can't say the same about GAB News.   

I've called my friend to find out more but he's not home.  I left a message asking what I died from.  Meanwhile, I am, naturally, quite curious about what has become of me.  If I'm dead, I need to know that so proper arrangements for disposal of my earthly remains can be made.  On the other hand, if I've suffered some other terrible fate, I need to make a doctor's appointment or go to the emergency room and tell them what has gone so miserably wrong with me that I'd end up, temporarily at least, on GAB News.  To those ends, any information readers can provide would be appreciated.  And by the way, Scott, while I understand your enthusiasm for reporting negative information about me and your reasons for it, in this particular instance the report was, as Mark Twain put the news of his death, premature.  Better luck next time.


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Re: Gab about GAB News
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2022, 12:13:46 PM »
I have watched Scott Harper’s web site and he has yet to print a retraction on his fake news of your demise. While we all have seen Scott trash and lie about people he does not like over the years I have never seen him claim someone was dead when they were not. Scott has lost all his credibility years ago but this is a new low. Where is the retraction or correction Scott?