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German Editorial
« on: August 23, 2006, 06:43:05 PM »

>If any of you still feel that this  war on terror is a mistake,  here is an
>opinion from an unexpected source.
>It's  fascinating that this should come out of Europe. Mathias Dapfner,
>Executive of  the huge German publisher Axel  Springer AG, has written a
>blistering attack in DIE WELT, Germany's largest daily  paper, against the
>reaction of Europe in the face of the Islamic threat.
>This is a must-read by all Americans. History may well certify its
>(Commentary by Mathias Dapfner CEO, Axel Springer,  AG)
>A few days ago Henry Broder wrote in Welt am Sonntag, "Europe - your family
>name is  appeasement." It's a phrase  you can't get out of your head
>it's so terribly true.
>Appeasement cost millions of Jews and non-Jews their lives, as England and
>France,  allies at the time, negotiated and  hesitated too long before they
>noticed that Hitler had to be  fought, not bound to  toothless agreements.
>Appeasement legitimized and stabilized Communism  in the  Soviet Union,
>East Germany, then all the rest of  Eastern  Europe, where for decades,
>inhuman suppressive,  murderous governments  were glorified as the
>correct alternative to all other possibilities.
>Appeasement crippled Europe when genocide ran rampant  in Kosovo, and even
>though we had absolute proof of ongoing mass-murder, we Europeans debated
>debated and debated,  and were still debating when finally the Americans
>to  come from halfway  around the world, into Europe yet again, and do our
>for us.
>Rather than protecting democracy in the Middle  East, European Appeasement,
>camouflaged behind the fuzzy  word "equidistance,"  now countenances
>bombings in Israel by fundamentalist Palestinians.
>Appeasement generates a mentality that allows  Europe to ignore nearly
>500,000 victims of  Saddam's torture and murder machinery and, motivated by
>self-righteousness of  the peace movement,  has the gall to issue bad
>grades to
>George Bush... Even as it  is uncovered that the  loudest critics of the
>American action in Iraq  made illicit billions, no, TENS of billions, in
>the  corrupt
>U.N. Oil-for  -Food program.
>And now we are faced with a particularly  grotesque form of appeasement.
>How is  Germany reacting to the  escalating violence by Islamic
>Fundamentalists in Holland  and  elsewhere? By suggesting that  we really
>should have a
>"Muslim Holiday" in  Germany ?
>I wish I were  joking, but I am not. A substantial fraction of our (German)
>Government, and if the polls are  to be believed, the German people,
>believe that  creating an Official State  "Muslim Holiday" will somehow
>us from the wrath of the  fanatical Islamists.  One cannot help but recall
>Britain 's Neville Chamberlain waving the  laughable treaty signed by
>Hitler and declaring European "Peace in our time".
>What  else has to happen before the European public and its political
>leadership get it? There is a  sort of crusade underway,  an especially
>crusade consisting of systematic  attacks by fanatic  Muslims, focused on
>civilians, directed against our free,  open Western societies, and intent 
>Western Civilization's  utter destruction.
>It is a conflict that will most  likely last longer than any of the great
>military conflicts of the last century - a  conflict conducted by an  enemy
>cannot be tamed by "tolerance" and "accommodation"  but is actually 
>on by such gestures, which have proven to be, and will always be taken by
>Islamists for signs of weakness.
>Only two recent American Presidents  had the courage needed for
>Anti-appeasement: Reagan and Bush.
>His American critics  may quibble over the details, but we Europeans know
>truth. We saw it first hand: Ronald  Reagan ended the Cold  War, freeing
>of the German people from nearly 50 years of  terror and virtual  slavery.
>And Bush, supported only by the Social Democrat Blair, acting on moral
>conviction,  recognized the danger in the Islamic War against Democracy.
>His place in
>history  will have to be evaluated  after a number of years have passed.
>In the meantime,  Europe sits back with  charismatic self-confidence in the
>multicultural corner, instead of  defending liberal society's  values and
>an attractive center of power on the same  playing field as the  true great
>powers, America and  China.
>On the contrary  - we Europeans present ourselves, in contrast to those
>"arrogant Americans", as the World  Champions of "tolerance",  which even
>(Germany's Interior Minister) Otto Schily justifiably  criticizes.   Why?
>Because we're
>so moral? I fear it's more because we're so materialistic, so devoid of a
>moral compass.
>For his policies, Bush risks the fall of the dollar,  huge amounts of
>additional national debt, and a massive and persistent burden  on the
>economy - because unlike almost all of Europe , Bush realizes what is at
>literally everything.
>While we criticize the "capitalistic robber  barons" of America because
>seem too sure of  their priorities, we timidly defend our Social Welfare
>Stay out of it! It  could get expensive! We'd rather discuss reducing our
>35-hour workweek or our dental  coverage, or our 4 weeks of paid
>vacation... Or
>listen to TV pastors  preach about the need to  "reach out to terrorists.
>understand and forgive".
>These days, Europe reminds me of an old  woman who, with shaking hands,
>frantically hides her last pieces of  jewelry when she notices  a robber
>into a neighbor's house.
>Europe, thy name is  Cowardice.
>---God Bless America---

Ilya Kuryakin

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Re: German Editorial
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Did you remember to forward this email to all your like-minded friends?


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Re: German Editorial
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Why don't you forward it to your like minded friends.  Or do you think they won't like you anymore?  Sometimes the truth bothers certain people.